Ladvice Column Intro

Ladvice Column Intro

We’ve had people inbox our Facebook page in the past asking for advice on life situations that you’d just not expect to get on a Facebook page.

To start off – We’re never going to reveal the identity of anyone who contacts us – the names you read are fictional and any resemblance to real people is purely co-incidental – but in a true dear Diedre fashion – we’re gonna be your agony aunts and uncles answering your deepest darkest questions about situation and hard decisions you’re faced with.

If you want to submit a question to us – please email us at Ladmin@bplbible

This week’s Question

This question came from a student at a NW University who asked us what he should do about his missing food. His housemate has professed to be vegan since they were put together last year but every few weeks his bacon goes missing. He’s noticed bits of ham and cooked chicken go missing too but it’s the Bacon regularly every 4 weeks or so.

Should he Confront the housemate – Put something in the bacon like spice to see if he can get a reaction – or just forget about it and let the housemate get away with having a sneaky meat nibble.

The other possibility is that there’s someone breaking in – maybe a former tenant… Should the Guy set up a secret camera in the Kitchen to find out.

You can leave your answer in the comments below – And we’ll be contacting our panel of experts ofr their answer which will be published at some point next week.

Do you have a similar story that could do with some expert advice – maybe you’re stuck on a hard decision and need some advice on not hurting someone’s feelings. We’re here to help you

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