Blackpool LAD Bareknuckle Heavyweight Richie Leak

Blackpool LAD Bareknuckle Heavyweight Richie Leak

You might not have heard about another world Champion heavyweight from the northwest – that isn’t Tyson Fury…

Blackpool has it’s own Bare Knuckle Boxing Bombshell – known as the Viking for his long beard and warrior like appearance – Richie Leak can often be seen around town just getting on with his daily routine.

Image Credit – BKB

This mountain of a man towers above most at 6′ 3″ and can present quite a challenge for bareknuckle opponents in the ring.

This fight from back in January against Daniel “Rampage” Robson barely lasted a round before Richie had put down his opponent but not before suffering a cut to the head himself. One of the hazards of fighting with bare knuckles.

Signing with BKB

Richie has recently signed with Bareknuckle Boxing Promotion company BKB and is already matched up for his first fight in London this coming December at the O2 arena.

Richie’s Next fight is due to take place on the 3RD of December and tickets can be purchased from the O2 website – CLICK HERE to go to the ticket site.

Richie the former BFBA World Heavyweight Champion fought in Jan this year against the FRENCH Viking – in a battle that went to the final round seeing Richie fight almost to the bitter end – Watch the video back on YouTube to see how Richie did. It’s a great fight – It’s even titled the greatest heavyweight Bareknuckle fight ever….

Richie won the title of World Champion in Sheffield last July when he faced off against Polish Piotr BUBU.

The fight lasted a few minutes with Richie showing BUBU who was boss despite catching his famous cut above the eye routine. Richie is a true champion and shows he can take some really hard hits and keep going in the face of massive opposition.

Here’s the same fight but from a different source (Facebook)


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