Blackpool LADs Army

We know that there are some areas of Blackpool that need a good clean up right…

And we also know there are hundreds of LADs and Lasses in Blackpool out of work at the moment who want to do something productive with their time..

Help us to put the 2 together. We’re willing to set up the infrastructure to employ people to help clean up Blackpool IF You’re willing to help us fund it.

Working with the local authority and local landlords we will offer the services of our LADs Army out to people locally for cost – but will also undertake community projects to clean up local neighbourhoods free of charge. This is a not for profit venture and all funding and donations will go back into the Blackpool LADs Army for development and growth.

Giving people something to do that feels meaningful and has a dramatic visual difference when complete can lead to better thinking. It’s one of the reasons that community service is issued for some offences by the courts – Getting the body moving and working as a team is as rewarding for your mind as any other activity.

We’re looking for sponsors for our venture. We need to raise the funds for a van to work from – Some specialist tools that work anywhere and some safety kit for anyone coming to work on the van for the day. We will also look to partner with local training providers to help our LADs Army to access the training they need to start up in business for themselves once they’ve got the hang of working for the crew.

We will offer a fair dayrate to anyone who wants to come and join the gang for the day and with the help of our sponsors and supporters we can not only help to build a company of capable workers but will clean up Blackpool at the same time.

Can you afford £5 a week to help fund the Blackpool LADs Army? Click here to pledge your support now.

Who can join the LADs Army?

Anyone who can follow our code of conduct and our insurance will cover over the age of 16. Each new recruit will be subject to an initial training period to ensure that they can operate safely and competently on site. Full safety training will be given.

How long will it take to implement this idea

If funding goes well we hope to have something in place ready for christmas time. Fundraising will take the longest time but finding local sponsors will help to speed this up. Locating a fair sized van to operate from will be the biggest hurdle and then getting all the paperwork and training sorted for the first draft of recruits will be the next hurdle. It should be straightforward if the funding is there.

Who can benefit from the Army?

We will undertake community projects suggested to us for free – Certain low income households will qualify for free or subsidised work on their homes but this organisation will be funded by the community. We will eventually move into other areas to help supply the local community with products and services that will help to cushion the expense of running this organisation – but that will develop in time. The most important thing at the moment is to get in donations so this can get off the ground.

Where do i sign up?

If you think you want to join our community based maintenance organisation – please send us an email to