We’re bringing you a line of merch to help us build our Blackpool LAD brand and expand into new areas to fund our content publication habit.

For all enquiries about merch orders – donations or suggestions please email

We’re taking pre-orders for our Blackpool LAD Calendars starting from £15 (click to read a bit more)


Blackpool LAD embroidered logo on Official Barbour Bucket Hat – £40


We’ve got a range of Blackpool LAD meme t-shirts on the way – Any of our memes you see posted on this website can be printed onto t-shirts – hoodies mugs – you name it we can get it printed. We will have a full merch shop coming soon. For now read on to find out what we’ve been trialling over the past few weeks

Blackpool LAD Rock

We know a guy who knows a guy who makes rock – When we’ve tapped him up you can buy some of it – shopped up into bite sized chunks for a few quid… We’ll let you know when it’s ready. It would be nice to have some pre-orders of a fiver to get us confident it’s gonna sell if we pay for it to get made…

Blackpool LAD MUG

Wouldn’t be a proper website without selling our own branded mug… Buy it and use it daily to remind you of us… It’s only a tenner innit.

Hoodies and Jackets

Hoodies and Baseball jackets coming before Christmas

Much more merch to come along with giveaways, collaborations with local outlets and brands and other goodies too.

Blackpool LAD luxury spirits

We’re prepared to talk with a manufacturer of spirits to blend our own vodka, rum and other spirits in the coming months. We’ve seen some of the “premium” quirky products on the market and think we can match them in quality – better their gimmicks and beat their price. Jobs for the Lads innit. So pledge your support by sending us an email pre – ordering a bottle of our premium tipple for £35.


We know a guy who knows a guy who can source brand new fancy dress stuff on the cheap – If you’re looking to kit out for an upcoming doo – Drop us a line with what you’re looking for and we’ll get you the best price possible for it.

Buy the LADS a pint.

Buy us a pint YO… If you wanna say thanks for us going to the effort of putting together this whole show or something – feel free to slide us the cost of a pint of darkfruits or maybe even a double voddy redbull so we can get this party cracking you know what i’m sayin LAD…
We’ll send you detail on where to send the dough if you email us yo.