Blackpool LAD calendars 2023

Blackpool LAD calendars 2023

we want to tell you about 3 calendars we will be bringing you over the next few months – one is comprised of gorgeous images of Blackpool taken in the resort over the past 2 years.

This calendar will be for sale at a price of £15

Previews of these calendars will be available before Halloween. But you can pre-order and still support us!!

Something for the weekend….

The other calendars have a slightly different theme and we need your help to find the people to star in these calendars.

We’re looking for the most confident people in Blackpool to feature in our racy seaside calendar series.

Pictures of hunks in their trunks and babes in their bikinis – all bathing on Blackpool Beach in the freezing cold of winter 🙂 .

Now we don’t expect anyone to volunteer this freely – we’re looking for nominations from people who think their pal should be the face of Blackpool for one month in our calendar.

We will choose 2 local charities to benefit from our calendar sales and we will make sure that all the models used receive fair monetary compensation for their part.

If you would like to nominate a friend to take part in our calendar shoot – please first check that they consent to you passing us their details and then in 100 words or less describe why you think your friend show be the face of Blackpool LAD’s calendar.

There is no set criteria for who will be chosen – it will be based on voting from our followers.

Send submissions to


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