Blackpool LAD flies FPV drone like a boss

Blackpool LAD flies FPV drone like a boss

Check out this video of a Blackpool LAD flying his FPV dronelike a boss around Lawson’s road Field in Blackpool.

Local LAD Alistair first got interested in drones in 2018 and bought a DJI phantom 4 to take beautiful landscape shots of the area. It wasn’t capable of the intricate manoeuvres he dreamed of doing with a drone but he kept going learning what he could from the drone he had.

He set up his photography business and gained a commercial drone license which he used to take photos for construction companies and for estate agents to help him further his drone hobby / jobby.

You can see he has an eye for photography from the ground or from the air. The image below was taken during a fireworks show at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

And He’s also been known to help out local business with professional photography services – Some subjects lend themselves to better photos – like this local Mobile Tyre repair van in tangerine at sunset

Getting Started in FPV drone flying

Buying the goggles and remote controller – he started to use a computer simulator to practice using the first person view goggles and delicate controller needed to operate these FPV drones.

The pilot looks from the front of the aircraft using a tiny camera – flying the drone almost like a bird in free flight – using intricate and tiny inputs on the controller held with pinched fingers.

He often shares his images and videos with us and we’re always excited to see which new trick’s he’s learned or new clients he’s worked with. In the following video he took an early morning flight near the pleasure beach capturing some stunning footage of Blackpool Tower too

If you would be interested in having a bespoke video made for your business we would urge you to contact Alistair direct and let him know that Blackpool LAD recommended him. Alternatively we can contact him on your behalf if you email us at


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